Shes To Good For You

its like theres this girl
who i see as a shiny pearl
i cant sleep i toss and i twirl
thinking about her makes my whole body curl
she's so beautiful seems to be perfect
whish i could be more assertive
looking at her wont let my soul live
know one day i might just give
wish i could be the one she's with
i dont bother because im me
she deserves so much more than wat she can see
cause in her eyes im a loser truly
i dont plan to show her this rhyme
because i see she is far sublime
she not the average dozen a dime
it seems that i'd just be a waste of time
but it sucks when you like someone
who dont like you back
sucks to feel lame and wack
friends say forget her look at this
look at that
im like yeah sure..... whatever
the girl im thinking of is so much better
she walks by i say hey
hopes she sits down with something to say
she didnt hear me and walked away
my mind just wonders back to before
i could ever care
and my heart got tore
im at home tears to bore
heart is achin to the core
it goes in my head play by play
which words was i suppose to say
back then back to that day
my mind is in the trees
telling my story to the bumblebees
maybe it's all greed
and maybe im stupid
starting to group it
excuse after excuse need to have a chat with cupid
ask him to send somebody else to me
listen closely to my plee
so i can let my feelings free
free from this cage
writing lines on this page
about a girl smart as a sage
pretty as a daise
flexible and cute
feels like i just dont know what to do

by chip reed

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