Give Me A Drink

Before me thy beauty sparkles.

Woven into your long cool deliciousness bubbles rise
perfect in their minuteness.
What would I give to dive into that blackness?

Submerge myself in cool sweetness.

Feel myself sink
Beneath the ice
Weighted to the bottom
Holding my breath

Rise slowly in their upward stream
towards the surface
past the floating lime
bursting to the top
gasping for air
with my mouth wide open.

Lick my lips
and return to the bottom
once more.

by Diana Rosser

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Comments (3)

Beautiful stuff hun :)
Great stuff! Ms Van Den Berg is an inspirational young lady whose musings always bring a smile to my face
As the 88-yr 'Oupa' of 3 beloved granddaughters, I feel deeply moved by the controlled passion revealed in this poem. A beautiful example of free poetry. Bill