The cloud eclipses the mighty sun
The rock hides the fountain,
The soothing green covers the barren
The mask - the face.

Behold, the education conceals the savagery inside
Words conceals the truth,
The oath -the betrayal.

Dye enbalms the rust
Drinking only to make thirst asleep
Yet we must...

Day harbours the night, dark and deep and rest and peace.

The shell rears up the pearl
And kernel the fruits

Illusion directs the way toward absolute truth
Only wisdom can catch!

by Ratneswar Brahmachari

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Beautiful stuff hun :)
Great stuff! Ms Van Den Berg is an inspirational young lady whose musings always bring a smile to my face
As the 88-yr 'Oupa' of 3 beloved granddaughters, I feel deeply moved by the controlled passion revealed in this poem. A beautiful example of free poetry. Bill