Today it’s all black and white
the shades of grey come with experience

You don’t believe me
because you are 18 and
safe in the knowledge
that you have mastered everything that you will ever need to know
you look at me, with what you’re convinced
is wisdom
because I am confused and sad
and I can’t quite decide

You say I need to grow up
and you are shocked that
you can offer me your
platitudes and advice
and smug

smug that when you are 24
you will never feel desperately alone
that the solutions will be clear
that you will
have to listen to the musings
of a semi-adolescent
in order to gain perspective

And you just might be right
because you are a
and you are 18

But my sweet, sweet boy
the shades of grey come with experience
and you are intent on experiencing
And when you are 24
you may still be safe
in your newsprint zebra world
observing but never


And then I will be
because is their anything more beautiful
than a grey sky
with just a hint of sun slicing through the

by Abbi van den Berg

Comments (3)

Beautiful stuff hun :)
Great stuff! Ms Van Den Berg is an inspirational young lady whose musings always bring a smile to my face
As the 88-yr 'Oupa' of 3 beloved granddaughters, I feel deeply moved by the controlled passion revealed in this poem. A beautiful example of free poetry. Bill