॰ ~cøuñtless Mílés~॰

They say i do it good..they say i do it right.
But all i do is miss you in me, in everything i write.

They say my words have pain, the pain which i usually hide.
The pain which you failed to feel, or was it me who failed to describe..?

That no matter what time may bring, don't you ever leave my side..
But you left, making it so dark in here, as you were my only light.

I tried it all to make things right, but somehow so right was the wrong.
Tried many a times to convince you to come back and make things alright as before..
did all that you've never done.

Now if someday you'll come to me, to see you i swear my lips will surely smile.
But i won't hold your hand again, as it's your picture who
walked with me for countless miles.

You might have changed a lot my dear, but i'm still sticked to old style..
Know that you'll always be my only one, girl..
in this journey of countless miles.

by Menime Soul

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M.S.- I liked this beautiful frankness. and I will put ten for it. Thank you also for the comment with generous words. Tsira.