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.25) Fires In Texas And Oklahoma
(1948 / OVER 400 POEMS SERVED! !)

.25) Fires In Texas And Oklahoma

What God has ordained
can’t be avoided
We can’t see the marks
on people and places,
but Nature can.

Nature is God’s servant.
Tame waves rise up,
whole prairies burn,
mountains skip like rams.

Machines serve God, too.
A hundred people
who have never met
get in a plane,
congregating to fly
into the next world.

I went to Samarra
to flee from Death,
but Death was seeking me
there, not here.

A Master told the people,
“I will die within a week.”
Six days later, he was fine.
“Fake! ” shouted the people,
and rose up and killed him.

Mysteries can’t be unraveled,
Time’s ticker tape
reveals only their surface.

Each of us lives
on a fault line.
Some day we’ll
disappear from here
and appear somewhere else.

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Comments (4)

Very nice Max!
i absolutely LOVE this poem: its depth and wisdom! thanks for sharing! u.
A powerful statement Max, one that hits the reader with a force. there is an almost biblical prophestic feel to this, tempered by reassurance (nature being the servant of God) Excellent piece Max!
I felt a chill as I read this, Max. I don; t play around with fate...so I try not to think about it too much. :) I really loved your final stanza. Raynette