26/11- The Saddened Night

It was a dark night
When we witnessed an awful sight
No one can forget that 26/11 night.
The blood, sweat, dead bodies
all come as nightmares
Thinking that we are now safe
I wish their family is in glee
Setting all the tensions
Apart and free.
We pray to god they get justice,
even after passing away
Cause in our hearts they will always stay.

To all,
This poem is based on the 26/11 attacks that shook each one of us. This poem is dedicated to the people who suffered on behalf of each Indian..

by gauri Vyas

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This is my second visit here. No Indian can forget the dastardly terror attack of Nov 26,2008. It is an irony that the mastermind is still at large in the safe havens across the border.
What happened on that fateful night of 26/11 is etched in the memory of all countrymen. You have described that terror attack which left at least 166 people dead in graphic detail. Thanks for sharing. I quote: We pray to god they get justice, even after passing away
It is a nice poem.Loved.
this is an absolutely terrific poem which speaks about the sad event which took place i am really impressed by your writing this is the best sorrowful narration loved it..... thanks for sharing this lovely piece of art.....!