26. Beach Walk

Walking on the beach, in a steady pace,
The dusk, when the night is not far away
Soft sand lying under your feet
Early tides washing the shore.

Pick up an exquisite shell
When you cast your sight on it
Are you looking at the shell?
Or is the shell looking at you?

Yet you continue on the morning stroll,
Soft sand pushing you forward
Are you walking in reality?
Or inside a long-lasting dream?

[Awake, awake! Are you awake?
What is that we have to awake from? And to where? ]

You feel the wind blowing on your face,
You hear the water beating on the shore,
What is wind? What is water?
What is that you can feel or hear?

You see the clouds gathering and dispersing
You see the sun slowly revealing itself
A peaceful scene, yet constantly changing
Why is it constantly changing?

It is said, nature has its life
Life never stops, nor having a clear way
Do sense only belong to the living?
Or life is only part of the senses?

It is said, life only exists if space flows
Space never ends, nor having a clear beginning
If it is time which lets space and life prevailing,
What is time?

by Eugene Issaus

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