26th May Is Overdue

25th May it was said you were due
That night fears were never few
A calling you refused, you never came through
But on the 26th, our worries you threw
When you were handed out you were so blue
Was i scared to hold you? probably true
but with your face, i realise something too
We had a mini-me, who to the family was new
My friends came to see you and would queue
presents came beyond what we knew

6 days later your smile was such a view
But they were nights when you in the snow i almost threw
And now it isnt fun changing your diapers after poo poo
Although i wouldnt hesitate to do it even for a moment or two
but i cant wait to hear you say i wanna go to the loo
I am excited, wanna take you to the park and the zoo
Teach you how to dress and tie your shoe
You are my son whether you are wise or a fool
coz since the night you came all i am worth is you

I cant believe how in a short time you grew
You challenge me to be the best man you should look up to
Am so proud your name on my flesh i wanna tattoo
But others think its a silly thing for me to do
I guess 26th to me is overdue
It accelerates to your births dejavu

by Alan Kabanshi

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