Friendly Fire

Distance not permitting recognition
Soldiers making sound volition
Minds and souls in pensive condition.

Friendly fire compounding
Are comrades or enemies bounding
Hearts are pounding.

Combat forthwith concluded
Relief and mercy exuded
Repose secluded.

by Mimie Durand

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I have to comment that I think of Target as high end compared to Walmart. At least here in West Virginia, where I live. Good details (no muzak, alas!) , imagery, the whole package...thanks for the read.
Burger King and Target are levelers of humanity. You ought to take your notebook and sit in the social security office. If you ever have business there, plan on hours...and there will be a security police with a gun and folks from all walks of life waiting for their piece of the action. Your poem honed in on a slice of humanity with humor and kindness. Raynette