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.27) My Poems Hang Out On The Corner
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.27) My Poems Hang Out On The Corner

My poems hang out on the corner.
They go for rides with strangers.
Like any parent I worry.

When they come home for the night,
some tell me where the've been.
Others don't say a word.

There's nothing I can do.
If I gave them enough love and care
they'll be ok out there.

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Comments (4)

I can't believe I never commented on this one. It's one of my favorites and I come back to it often for a smile (some kind of twisted poetry support group, I suppose) . Just wanted you to know. Thanks for it, Lori
Right there with you my friend... being new on here even makes this more real for me. To think I will be critiqued... whew.... but I am ready! Thanks, Rick
We all hope the best for our poems, that they find honest readers who really do appreciate poetry, good write, Max.
I read this with a great burst of joy and delight.