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27 Release

The rising moon ball... tossed by the uncaptive unclubbed Matterhorn seal.
Begins to emerge the bubble From the bubble blowing spear
Not til it leaves.. without fear will it be a perfect sphere
spider web brothel cannot hold
the fallen petal's fading gold
nor icepalace' freezing chains
longer freed waterdrops hold
The most radiant area in a master is the halo around her or
his head. But in an icicle it is the base from which it
slowly drips, each diamond dropp jeweling in the light.
Lust, the false love, handed her a hemlockian cuplet
which her heart distilled into a couplet.
Before the rumbling thunder comes the crash of lightning...
with light the sky whitening as it is cloudburden lightening

Why worry if the fleas bite us? It reduces cholesterol and
cures our phlebitis.
Yes writers are hypergraphic...the pen releases our minds'
The cloud balloons were pierced by church steeples..
but not quite ready to dropp their grace on the people


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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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