MG (N/A / Sydney, Nova Scotia)

(270) As One

Sitting in the shimmering,
noon sun.

basking together as one.
It was just you and me,

why we were allergic,
to reality.

You touched me,
I always touched you.

If only I could have been
more, than a

pair, of old shoes.

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Aww, its lovely, but... yet, sad. I think the last few lines really packed in the impact to this poem. If only you could be more, than a pair of old shoes... I'm sure in lifetimes, people always wish they could be more, or give more to people they love, be better than they are. But do take note, these people we love, love us, for who we already are. It's a beautiful concept brought up with this lovely, short, poem.
I just wanted to say I liked your poem and great line'why we were allergic, to reality.'
I really like this! Different, pleasing! Moyax
An excellent write.. Turns out to be not what one had expected. A ten again.
Melvina...A work of astuteness & short...simply superb! '''''''''''''''''''''''''frank
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