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(.........27aug) Myth Poem
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(.........27aug) Myth Poem

My sleeping body is a field lying fallow,
dark loam of flesh folded in on itself,
imbibing mysteries. When I rise,

I become a tall field of corn stalks
dancing under the sun,
waving yellow tassles.

I open my green arms to the hungry.
They receive of my hidden gold, and live,

and I return to lie down
again in the dreaming earth.

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Comments (3)

Max - You have such a noble and gracious spirit.....and I agree, the depths of our love, and largess can be endless. Blessings to you - Cheryl
I like the way the verse takes shape - from the rise and return to 'dream earth'. Nicely written and enjoyable to re-read. Thanks for sharing, Coll
I simply like this piece.