28 Letters (Translated From Arabic)

Twenty eight alphabetical letters
Dancing in my lyrical band
Dancing naked with complete freedom
Leaving the heaven religions
Bowing to the desire devil
Utilized as slaves for you
Manipulating your body parts
Then scattered around you

Twenty eight alphabetical letters
I stole them from the old Arabian poets
At the middle of road-cutter criminals
To enter by them this era

I am the one who can ascend to the moon
By a rocket made from a poem paper
I am who moved your fingers with touching
Made his blood as hair dye
And burnt his chest so you can take kohl from it
And stimulated your breasts to protest

And when time of separation came
And we finished one thousand nights and night
You are who decided to break up
After last embracing suggested that
And we unbound our spirally revolved legs
And your hand got pregnant from mine
Thank God I did not kill you.

by ahmed abomahfouz

Comments (4)

This is poetry. Splendid. Vivid use of words and expressions. Thousand nights and night.
nice poem! ! ! i like it! ! ! !
well written. marks 10
well written. marks 10