SS ( / Ohio)

28 Wind Poems

Wind chimes play not on time... but when the Spirit moves.

The South Wind has for the evening donned jasmine scent*
The wind weaves many white caps so quickly for the blue sea
Mother Wind moves the water rocker
to and fro on the stormy sound's deeps. On the boatcradle by lapping
waves she is softly lulled to sleep.
Will, your winded wings will win.
Clouds' whitewaterweave covered the sky.. and yet
everywhere there was a patch of blue.. it was a different
hue... here aqua.. there cerulean... or teal or indigo
The east wind blowing westward marries the falling rain
turning her attention elsewhere
Crosswinds quilt the Connecticut River ever so slightly
but stil the waters flow to the sea.
As gauzy veils lie on the shoulders of the slender, as avalanche
clouds pour through tall firs, as morning mist
rolls through ship masts, do monsoon clouds flow
over the peaks of the Himalayas
Froggie croaks on his rock dais encircled by dizzy daisies
throughout summer days. The wind makes them wave in applause.
The wind has blown away the cloud cover..
and he pond's reflection from grey to blue clover
Spirit Wind when talking with wind chimes
strikes not on the hour nor at the 'right' time


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