'29' A Lament

My protector has gone, driven away by effort weak,
Replaced by another, but the former I do seek.

From all cares and woes it kept me free.
Laugh, I did at all attempts to harm me.

But now I feel naked and exposed.
The protecting veil no longer has me enclosed.

Attackers penetrate the new wall at will,
Making it hard to remember 'Peace be still'.

Soothing balm is spent in vain,
And sweetness brings excruciating pain.

Relief comes as easy as swimming in wet cement.
I always wonder: 'Who will hear my ongoing lament? '

Lord, in all I do, may the glory go to You. Amen.
Greg Alan Oosterhouse,1-21-2010

by Greg Oosterhouse

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A laudable lament that leaps over limitation via the lordship of our Lord. Well done my friend.