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29 The Sun

The bee's favorite couplet: a sunup-brimming buttercuplet
In dawning daybreak so pure and still he opened the window
above the sill and the Sun of Love into room did spill
He who gilds the fringed coast Of all buttercups the toast.
More ancient than all.. yet evernew His ray host.
The forces of night.. their vanishing might
.. melt away.. in dawn's vanquishing light
The sun's allgiving gold cheer.. has become the allgiving tree's
purple cherries.
Popping oer the mountains the dawn sun arose, unrolling through
windows welcome carpets.... of red rose
It is not the sweet nuthatch
but the sun
which hatches the nuts
of nut trees everyone
The sun thought about another's criticism that he lacked focus.. but
then began again to shine in all directions
moondown is sunup
Night can no longer suborn
first light's gathering morn!
The sun diamond stipples the ocean's wind ripples.

Behind sparkling fountain waters sinking climb
higher the rays of the giving sun king. We need not seek him.
He comes to us.

The sun wears no dark glasses. He has nothing to hide
and is not threatened by his own light.

Oh womanizer or manizer most polygamous... try as you might
you won't be milligamous
Some prefer the greenwoods fringed sky... some prefer
the sky of the sea, unframed
Is all accusation projection of inner guilt?
As morning tops each grass spire with a globe of dew
so little acts of kindness are by God made magic wands of
great power
River carved Grand Canyon..
a master's oils attempt to capture you
as well as child's crayons
Oh tree of pine, your branches are wider on the bottom,
but you are cone crowned.
Beach footprints by tidewater erased. Snow footprints
by the sun melted away. So does God forgive all transgressions.
Sunrise is apple fall
When his moon wed her sun and his sun wed her moon
skies poured forth for lifefaithful loons
Love's manylived monsoon
The sun does not kill and tell.. but who can hide peachtree's new fruit
in the dell?

(Sun Wed Moon to Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor... his scorpio sun
conjunct her scorpio moon... his pisces moon conjunct her
piscean sun.... not meant to dishonor other mates of these 2)
Kiss and Tell is to Ramish Price

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Rudyard Kipling


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