2d Picture

Seeing your picture
isn’t enough
appreciating the tranquil eyes
the very nice lips
the perfect nose
the seraphic face
the flawless skin
but you’re now just a picture
saved on my phone

where are you my love
the only one I long for

day and night
the eyes of my heart
are looking for you

searching you on the web
on facebook
now you’re lost on my sight
but only a 2D picture of you
on my mobile

I long for those days
we talked
we walked
we drove

I long for those days
we ate
and had a date

I long for those days
we hugged
we loved

I long for the silence
you and I just sat together
doing nothing
hearing our heartbeats
and just letting
the time to pass

I lost all contacts of you
I don’t know where to find you now
Where can I find you my love?
can anyone help me
to look for the dearest of my heart

by Champs Ulysses Cabinatan

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