KSK (2/16/50 / Las Vegas, Nevada - When there was only one saloon in town!)

Too Much To Ask

Why cannot life
Shows us
All we wish
All we hope
All we want
Even just
One wish
One hope
One want
Is it too much to ask
And wish to be happy
And hope to live in peace
And want to survive? ? ?

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Stuart Nicely layed down.it flows nicely.well done
We recorded this in a song: http: //www.ohmstudio.com/session/214001/storm
A brutal storm indeed, harsh, fierce, great imagry depicted here Karl. You paint a sad picture in the end. I truly like the last two lines. (I meet my end without a friend, but also without fear) . You've managed to portray the presence of God giving strength, even though one knows the end is near, they look into the face of death without fear. Excellent poem. A big (10) from me.---Melvina---