3.600 Building

Poem By Kay Gardner

Grizzled floor harvesting petals
Like a collection of fallen ashes
Surrender to the darkness of shadows
The only place left to go
Entering the dementia of my mind
To the point in which a flower becomes a lover
Repetition of lines, (over and over)
He loves me, He loves me not
Petals determining fate. My love- My decay
Private conference in the corner
In fetal position, the mind cradles
Checking in at murderous shame
Playing roulette with a flower
Perverting devotion into seclusion
The walking flower with thorns for limbs
Caresses the taste of fragile skin
Laying witness as innocence drips
Slicing through delicate veins
Let the romance bleed away
Sequestered in this single moment
Now I know the place to go
Enter the dementia of my mind
Where a flower becomes a lover
Repetition of lines, (over and over)

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