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3 Feelings
SU (9-01-92 / Alabama)

3 Feelings

Poem By Scarred Unknown

There are a lot of different things
That go through my head
As I lie in bed
And think of you
I’ll laugh, or cry, or fall asleep
And dream of 3 feelings
All so happy, sad, or scary
I’m not sure whats going on
I feel for you, and them
O these things I feel so much
I feel love, hate, and sadness
My head is full of all these things
My body weak from the baggage
I wish I had someone
To hold, to be held
To kiss, and be kissed
Someone I could tell everything, and be told
I’m all in 3’s in everything
My body, heart, soul
As I lie in bed thinking in 3’s
I wonder... can anyone save me?

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Comments (3)

What you wrote in your poem is what almost every single person both male and female have felt. Young and old, at one time or another, many people even more than once. Give it time and don't search for what is lost or what might be coming. It will fall on your lap, or not. Fate and destiny will prevail and let's hope for a happily ever after with your right mate, companion, friend, and everything. Good things come to those who wait. If the one you wish for comes back and you want him back, then it was meant to be.
i agree wil Jalissa.. u write everythin what I feel bout... sometimes its hard to know how u feel yourself... but i read your poems n i c me in them talkin to people around me... thanks..
U are a very good poet.Damn u write about everything I feel.