3 Husbands

Numero Un:

To have and to hold,
A Midas,
Replete with gold.

Lord of mountain hideaway,
In Aspen,
For family play.

Manhattan penthouse
Zooming Ferrari,
Moneyed clout.

Powerful and homely,
Spawning ground,
Socially comely.

Numero Deux:

To have and to hold,
A Casanova,
The force behold.

Sleepless nights,
Monotonous rites.

Playful fun,
Two bodies,
Orgasmically one.

Always game,
For another round,
Of the same.

Numero Trois:

To have and to hold,
An Aristotle,
Intellectually bold.

Philosophy spewing,
Tradition chewing.

Brainwork overtime,
Prose and rhyme.

Original mind,
Prejudices, immorality,
Left far behind.

3 husbands,
Heroes all 3,
All with virtuous qualities.

Ahh……………. fantasy,
3 rolled into 1
Can it ever be?

by Madam Anonymous

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Comments (9)

The title of the poem seems to be funny, but the contents are very good.
Fantasy is well fantasy… a land not trodden by mortal step.. If wishes were horses…and damsels on their graceful backs swayed to the tickling wind. Your poem is very nice…although its less then desirable to numerically label poetic elements…you’ve done it very well indeed…by camouflaging in a linguistic transition…clever there…great poetry Cheers More earthy and tangible: …I quote It is as pleasing to me as they say The golden apple to have been to that swift girl, Which untied that long-bound girdle Gaius Valerius Catullus Verona 50 BC
A charming piece of fantasy, every woman's dream. Perhaps I will opt for bigamy and have one of each. Irene *grin*
Madam.. such nonchalance deserves a standing ovation
it can definitely be...the fortunate lot!
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