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3* I Am Not Equipped For This.

Oh Lord, I am not equipped
to walk this earth in pain.
The worlds hurting and I am too
Please take my hand again.

Oh Lord I will walk with U in faith
I'll follow the orders you whisper.
The world is dark and I'm afraid
Please take my hand again.

Oh Lord, I know it wont be long
even if a thousand years slip by.
The things I see will Always be...
til you come back and set us free.

Oh Lord, I know I shant be weary,
while the Years seem to pass like seconds,
the earth shatters and death may be near...
but Please guide us Lord to Trust not fear.

Written February,1,2008

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That's the key Shelley 'to trust not fear', when I was in the hospital waiting for the verdict, I wasn't afraid, I just wanted to get my affairs in order. I'm sure God has decided to give me a second chance and I'll never step away from Him and I certainly will never fear Him, I love Him so much. Your poem should be heard by the weak, it is inspirational and encouraging. Melvina