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3 Kinds Of Serial Killers

There are 3 kinds of serial killers...
First, those
who kill a chain of individuals on a one to one basis
or by hiring a hit person
Second, those who kll millions abstractly..
never seeing those they burn as they sit in bomber planes
or government chairs.
Third, those who kill with their pens,
denying petitions for mercy from prisoners on death row

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A well articulated piece of poetry, nicely encapsulated and penned with insight. A lovely piece indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON. ➕9
Very logical and thought provoking words. Thanks, Anna.
I came across your above mentioned poem today, as it has been posted as the 'Member Poem' of the day. I couldn't agree more to what you have said in the poem. A short poem, but deep and firm.
Out of the poems in the main page this was the one that drew my attention the most. Simply great and you placed into words what I think regarding this subject. To kill is not only the act itself. 10/10 no more words needed.
very true... great write.
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