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3 Little Words

With so many wonders left to be shown,
As we walk on through this life unknown.
With so many secrets left to be unveiled,
And so many oceans we haven’t yet sailed.

But past all the wonders we will never fall,
And through the unknown our love will stand tall.
Through the secrets our love won’t falter,
And across the oceans we will walk on water.

We will face it all, everything hand in hand,
No matter what is thrown our love will stand.
We will never surrender and we will never retreat,
For our love will never end in defeat.

For our love will only ever grow stronger,
And our hearts will only ever grow fonder.
For what we have will never be broken,
As sure as these 3 words are always spoken.

I love you

3 little words that can mean so much,
3 little words that can mean more than a touch.
3 little words that can change a life,
3 little words that will make us husband and wife.

So no matter what this life throws our way,
One things for certain I will never stray.
I will be by your side in every single way,
Making sure those 3 little words endure come what may.

I love you

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Very good poem, I liked it and thank u so much for sharing this nnice poem.It's wonderful (a ten) . My best wishes