3. Mercury, The God Of Luck

Poem By Maxwell S. Gemmell

Dancing swift and silly,
Whimsical Will' of the Wisp,
Light Spirit of the Morning Dawn;
Swiftly thou pines,
To fill the coffers of Bank Fortuna.
Gold is thine Element,
Greed thy Vice.

Fleeting quietly through a wet dark night,
Robin Goodfellow is that thee I spy?
Over the rainbow his hoard he keeps.
Fly, Fairy Fly!
Quick is thine essence,
and hollow thy name.
The top hat
On the fat cat.
Thus is your visage,
Charming Sprite!

Jolly and free you fly!
Come back! Come back!
Yells the gambler,
the thief, the wolf

Joyful and silly you may be,
Hermes! I call forth thee,
And arrest thine deception hence.
Forever to spin,
Such is thine fate.
Wheel of Fortune's Kin.
Thou shalt never know Love,
Save for that which glows brightest.

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