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3 Million Years Of Paleolithic Life

Poem by Chan Mongol
August 3 of 2019

You and me are modern people, were not born then;
But surely, we purely still bear genes of those men.
How ancestors communicated and used to speak?
We don't have much on those who were Paleolithic.

Tolls are said to be used by people of Paleolithic;
But who knows how much historians are authentic?
We talk about the culture lasted 3 million years;
They were not apes but in human brains and figures.

We are same people but we rapidly advanced so high;
From stick, straw houses to stone building we live and die.
Are we going back before stone age from stoned hi-rise?
What goes up comes down as, a civilization always dies.

Paleolithic standard lasted over three million years;
How many years modern IT life can last in top gears?
Paleolithic and even Neolithic folks did good to last;
But with electron, neutron, proton we will go down fast.

What age can be more established truth and authentic?
Is that few hundred years old even lesser, tactic or magic?
No magic cured and helped to stop curse, high population;
Overweight on earth and science will cause our elimination.

We are still Paleolithic but hiding the fact with acts vicious;
We never could win mortality whatever we decorate us!
Stepping away from nature of good old life gives fears;
Let's live in state of nature where we lived millions of years!

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no matter we, humans, continue to evolve