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3 Million Years Older God

3 million years older god
Poem by Chan Mongol
August of 2019

All those festivals are used for modern business people
Those festivals can be either religious or national to sell
But I don't want to spend my dime, time and energy
I don't like others to be richer for me and over me.
Time is hard for all regular people, for you, me as we see
Why do we celebrate those and boost up their economy?
Please, know thyself and protect your own existence
Where is your existence while securing their presence?
Don't get tempted for those advertisements and image
You really don't need to buy their onetime garbage!
You don't need those goods to buy in a festival and fair
Remember to buy the necessity throughout the entire year.
In so many mind games, they made own products tasty
They chained you in the religion, nationality and country!
Too many promises for the life, freedom and paradise
I believe that we evolved not in god's way but in the vice.
Firmly, constitution was made and well framed for us
Name of god was added to do all those but as very devious!
Is there a way out to go to god, in the lost state of nature?
Let's believe the existence of god in the Paleolithic life there?
I don't trust any law maker, any prophet or a believer
They dumped god of Paleolithic people who was the savior.
God who existed for 3 million years in cultures, creatures
That god should return in nibs and in finger tips of writers.
Nations, religions were edited where old god was unfastened
So, modern nations, religions are just fake and mended.
What good were laws, doctrines, beliefs and legacy?
Crucifixion, cruelty, wars are bottom line of prophecy!

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