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3-Minute Novel: Steve's "Best Cellar" ….[ Serious; Depression; Mid-Life Crisis; Sex; Solitude ]
(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

3-Minute Novel: Steve's "Best Cellar" ….[ Serious; Depression; Mid-Life Crisis; Sex; Solitude ]

Steve lived alone.His wife had up and left him,
and gone away with a widowed neighbor, Bill.
Steve's and Jane's marriage never was too great,
and their fights had increased five-fold of late.

Oh, he was not alone completely.There was Tim,
an Irish Setter; a smart dog, he remained there still.
And Steve had his music, his own and CDs.
He strummed a guitar and ‘classical' put him at ease.

Smoking a little ‘pot' helped him "mellow out" too.
But on a ‘bad day' he'd descend the creaky stairs,
to his basement bar/den to savor some 10-year scotch,
and watch an hour of porn, his hand in his crotch.

He didn't take Tim with him, and he'd SHOUT
at the girls on the screen, sometimes in pairs,
as they pleasured much older men, older than they,
And with his sex organ in hand, Steve would play.

And he lived on take-out and microwaved dinners,
cereal, sandwiches, bananas, and iced tea.
He worked from home, was a playwright of note,
kept to himself, & chain-smoked a pipe as he wrote.

Yes, in his career several plays were big winners,
and for the ‘losers' he still collected a good fee.
But the years were wearing him down, as well as Jane.
Jane used to scream: "You're driving us both insane! "

He never denied it.It was most probably true.
Now with Jane gone, he still sensed the danger.
He'd pondered his problem, considered a "shrink",
But he scorned being told how he should think.

Only his agent or lawyer ever called.Just those two.
HIs "screen-girls" helped, but each was a stranger.
He tossed back his last scotch.His future was plain.
In his "Best Cellar", a bullet blew a hole through Steve's brain.

(January ….10 & 11 …..2019)

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A very sad tear jerker of a man and his best friend living alone and not eating the right food, yes it was a recipe for disaster? Especially having a loaded gun to hand! ..........totally gripping stuff Bri
For Aunty Septic, the first one to leave a comment here: (and for others who may be interested) READ THIS: Steve's Best Cellar, (3-Minute Novel) .... An A D D E N D U M ….[ What Really Happened; Depression Treatment; A Bit Long; Fiction ] bri :)
I thought it would be just a three minute read! Mid life crises is nothing compare to what more older citizens are facing. They are the one who do not have much choices with their frail body and limbs to take care of themselves but are still expected to. Steve certainly has many choices.
Oh very dark very dark but the moral is well there is no moral
Depressing, Bri! With tears you've made our faces wetter; now write something to make us feel better!