3 Months After The First Contact

Very nice!
Not the price;
Melting ice,
Not the rice.

Lovely thing,
Very sweet!
Meeting at the corner of the street.

With the muse of love;
Floating up and down! !
Peace and joy to the world so sweet.

Mice, lice!
With the news around the world;
For your and i to learn,
The magic of love! !
Like Alice in wonderland.

Exposing your love to me,
Step by step;
Exposing my love to you,
Step by step;
Seeing my face,
Seeing your face,
Only with your joy! !

This love,
With a promise to be kept;
Still waiting for your help,
Facing the north.

Twice defeated! !
Always afraid;
But free your mind with the truth,
And honour your promise.

Once said,
Done with love;
3 months after the contact,
3 months after the first contact,
With you.

The price!
Paid with love;
Said the maid of the house,
Yours truly with your love.

Love me and help me,
Overcoming the odds of life with the truth!
Always calling on you,
Still waiting at the corner of the street.

The north country,
The north part of it;
The northern side of it,
Bells of love!
Peace in your heart,
With the smile on your face today.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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A lovely poem.. sweet expression... Thanks for sharing