GJS (Sept.22,1946 / Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario)

3. Stampede Breakfast Sequel


Were you the guy, who rode the bull
And won the hundred grand
I was sure awatching you boy
What a ride, o man!

I thought you were a gonner
When I saw you mount Old Cruncher
Not only I, not only I
But there were quite a bunch here

With all the snickles and guff awes
You were a greenhorn sure
You gave yourself away as well,
With that look on your face of fear

But you did yourself proud I'll say
As will the other fellas
You proved to all in attendance there
You surely were not yella

I thought to myself, he must be crazy
To get on Cruncher's back
Then, the gun went off to start
For excitement there was no lack

If you could've seen the look on your face
At the animals multiple bucks
And felt the tension on ours as we yelled
'Awe shucks, awe shucks, awe shucks! '

Then suddenly you were airbound
But what a ride you had
Timing out seven seconds
You made all of us fellas glad

That ride was a treasure to watch
All there I'm sure would agree
You gave Cruncher the ride of his life
And made a believer out of me

With God all things are possible
I've seen it with my very own eyes
One man with faith in Him is the winner
And walks away with the prize.

Copyright Gary James Smith
June 27,2009 @ 6: 40 p.m.

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