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3 Steps To The Other Side
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3 Steps To The Other Side


Worms worms
or deep thought
upside down in fun
looking up for more
to wiggle wiggle
down again


Money money money
like a mad whore foaming
or Van Gogh slicing off his ear
or a suicide's regret
if you are not careful
it will invade your soul
and never let you go
still always asking
for more more more


Many years have passed us
Many lives have faded from us
Many friends have gone away
Many loves have let us down
Many more times wait for more
Till death takes it away
And gives it to somebody else

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Comments (2)

Very well written Mr.Lara a very smooth read and also very stirring
.. Hi Charles, This poem is a delightful mixing of the whimsical with.. serious profound thought. Most emotionally stirring is the last verse. Very well written and proves to be a smooth read. Deanna More xx ..