A Brand Plucked Out Of The Fire

Poem By John Newton

Laying dead,
is all he does
An Easter Bunny,
is what he was

Blood flowing out of his head,
like the water from a faucet
They beat him 'til he died,
Everyone saw it

NoOne said anything,
they just looked around
Apoor INNOCENT Bunny,
Is what the Buzzard found

Comments about A Brand Plucked Out Of The Fire

oooh! exactly what feelings of yours does this poem express? *genuine interest*
haha pretty cool, i like it, maybe elmer fudd gave up on bugs bunny and decided to kill the easter buny lol ;)
Happy Easter, P.W.B....Damn, they have to move them Bunnies to better housing The criminal element there, with them Rats & Ferrets..Man oh man! Quite inventive, young lady...I like the innovative taste of this...Solid work... ~ F.j.R. ~

2,6 out of 5
75 total ratings

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