3 -Wheels On Circles

Poem By cheung shun sang

3-ways on wheels..

Water fronts are good to found.
Water wheels are angular wears.
Winds are moved and airs are tied.
Winds are blown and got our times.
Major ethnic are ethic minors.
Me-cauchy3 takes the milks under milky ways.
Ways are not go through.
I am not very good.
Ethic hazards get ices on snows.
Take the necks of deer as horses are tales on code 23.

Rules and legal codes are parts of social circles.
Raw with deals are going on wheels or circles.
Storms beside winds are rains as waters.
Next to bests are things.
Gagging laws are gage.
Gloves are boxing stamps.
Gloves with puppets are simple and pure.

Simple good perverse sitting get wombs on cups are holly bloods.
Set up laws are all 1 set.
Set in stones are set- at and set back.
Start enclosed the ways on milky ways.

Trim by laws or minds to honors when a final resort to forces and arms.
Munch on sweetie canes.
Saw the worlds as smooth as lumbers.
Oils are steams and wars are clears.

Trigger happy or puppet happy!
Swim or sink when swing as beetles.
Beets or carrots and sticks or pills and wash us like the storms of rains on waters.
Pears and flowers are red on rains.
Storms suggest the presses of rains.

Thoughts suggest the presses of minds.
Colds and heats suggest the suits.
Sink the heats at faces within matters are fields in forces.
Maxwell curls are skin depth
Me-my cauchy3 are doing inside the powers.

Tri-poses are tri-points.
All are wheels or circles that pull up stormy rains on water fronts with guarding faces.

Zeroes of orders take the Taylor series.
Zeroes are positive when we save.
All are saved on positive zeroes.

Differ into depth again take positive zeroes.
All win!

Door with lumber get on faces with parts on two.
Dark or bright and front and backs or tops and ends are all to come.
Power gears will rotate on ways definite.
Gods are might and we have shares.
Politico powers are might.
We choose our lots.
Log in powers `points.
Out on logs is before power failed.
Fail to safes your milky ways on gods.

Tri-poses are tri-points.

Taiwan gets on walking jobs.
Oldest jobs are powers.
China gets on jamming actions.
Bad on things are jobs to gods.
Oddest worlds are round to round about.
How on what as who are dogged.

Cauchy3-me-my down on ceilings are fiddling under roofs.
Dickey Donald Jung as nursed around.
Puppets cloths are nursed with silks.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---


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