(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Wisdom Reigns

Often times, age is defined,
Not by ones wisdom,
But by the wrinkles, in which faces are lined.

True it is of those of past,
Wise men and women plenty,
Beneficiaries we are, with knowledge to last.

A lifetime, I speak of teachers of the richest kind,
No monetary awards visible,
Just pride for conquering the grind.

Fields of battle, economic depression to name a few,
Difficulties still present,
Yet my complaints I withdrew.

For reasons that I reflect on as I view,
Those wrinkled wise men, I give thanks,
For all the wisdom witnessed, for which I grew.

So this I give, as a tribute to all of you.

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Beautiful and nicely done. This the kind of poem that make it to classic book of children rhyme
A delightful little poem! This should be in a children's book, with illustrations!
Beautiful ending to end a good poem: So my friend, please remember If you feel something's amok At your child's wading pool You may find 3 white ducks!
3 White Ducks is a beautiful poem.
i had a three-duck-stew just last week. DELICIOUS! ! ! favorite stanza: But it grew hotter and hotter Oh dear, it was warm If they didn't find water Could it do them some harm? ............................to MyPoemList. bri :)
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