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3 Words To Cherish The Life

Poet Chan Mongol
August 25 of 2019

Your love is my treasure what I want to keep
In all day long and even when I peacefully sleep.
Life is too short but I still want your companionship
For decades, I let you grow in my heart, so deep!

Not all can adjust each other but you can with me
In open or in closed eyes, you are the only whom I see.
We think alike, our dreams and choices are same
We are for each other and meant to be in one frame.

I miss you, I feel you always around me and in me, baby
You are my romance, the only love with pure honesty.
What you think and like I do so and you are fully my type
We are companions for each other, for the rest of our life.

Perhaps, Eve was made from pieces of limbs of Adam, the man
That's why, true partners support each other very often.
You lived in my heart and I expressed my love, solidarity
You are my water, rainbow, soil and tree, my priority!

Come out from the deep inside and show yourself
Now, say just 3 words, I love you and that will help.
Not the full moon but let's like the crescent to grow
For the rest of life we will cherish the love and life, slow.

We traveled a long way in storms and high tide seasons
We were caught in the traffic jam and heard noises of horns.
3 words, I love you meant so important to be seen in the reality
What else is left in here, in this beautiful earthly facility?

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