SS ( / Ohio)

30 Fidelity

Mother Earth has knitted strong knots in the faithful blue
forget me nots.
From your infinite eyes we drink Stars within skies of
blackest ink
Please don't eclipse us when you wink.. but hold us in
your eyes, Black Sphinx
He remembered that pricks of the branches of the mistletoe tree can
draw blood.
As fragile Queen Anne's Lace stretches in the sun among
rocks, she lived happily with her husband and his parents.
Redwoods: faithful silent sentries.. standing for millennia
not centuries
Oh womanizer or manizer most polygamous... try as you might
you won't be milligamous

Serial womanizer Jack Frost had his face pressed to their windows.. asking them to come out and play.. before he disappeared again.
That God is Universal Love.. is it a license to
be promiscuous, polyamorous, polygamous, polyandrous?

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