30 Years Too Late

I’ve always said,
I was born 30 years too late.
I never fitted in to this decade.
I should have seen the 70’s,

by Charlie F. Kane Click to read full poem

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Wow, that took me back! You captured so many pop culture moments from those years-are you sure you weren't there? Don
Glad I found you and your poems today. for an 18 year old, you have done your homework. Yes, the '60s were the years of change. We could use some more of it right now. You mention the Eagles. Funny I bumped into them yesterday on my car radio. Then as soon as I got home they jumped into my new poem 'Dance, Dance, Dance, 'til You Can Dance no More.' You have a better recollection of the '70s than some of us that were there. I look forward to reading more of your work. Tom with, I hate to admit it, sore feet from dancing.
great poem it really captures the decade of the 70's! ! ! and as some other poets told ya, it is good to look backward to know how to walk forward and try to change the things that are bothering you! ! you are great! ! keep up the good job! ! !
Here here! The seventies did seem really cool- the 00s so far have been relatively dull. I still think I was supposed to have been born in the stone age... ah well! Keep up the good work- I love this poem! :) x
Ok first i have to say great poem... If you are those people who reminisce about the past and see ways that it was better that also means you are one of those people who will know how to set us str8 u know make a change... once a gain great job.. Melissa
WOW! You have 20/20 of the past. I was there, It was fun. BUT REMEMBER THE 70'S IS WHY THESE OTHER THINGS ARE HERE NOW. awsome job!
Really liked this one. You captured the essence of a decade missed and enabled me to reminisce! Kind regards. Justine.
It lives on inside of me. Just think of it this way, now you have something in common with us of the 70's clan.It was a better time than now I shall admit. Patricia Gale