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31 Generations Ago Jesus Was Born

May 02,2019
Poem by Chan Mongol

Only,31 generations ago, he came;
Messages spread out in his name.
He said, all babies got rights to live;
If without marriages moms conceive.
If it happens outer marriage in a family;
The baby should be accepted honorably!
He was not an outlaw,
Not anti-civil, not a foe!
He was a rebel without any weapon;
He spoke to be kind to all, men-women!
In such a young age, he was crucified;
For us, in such a young age, he died!
He meant no war, no fight, no bad mood;
Everything he said was for salvation, for our good.
31 generations ago, he meant peace in god's realm;
For that, worst torture, suffering they gave him.
People, even killers, rulers realized who he was!
He became the best on earth, the king Jesus!
Alexander the great re assured the Greek rule,
Few hundred years after him, Jesus built a school.
Romans crucified him in favor of neighbors, Jews;
But to love and follow him, repented Romans chose.
Nothing undermined him, his dignity;
They ill treated but he lasts, lasts his quality!
31 generations ago, he came to us;
He reminds us often to be kind and virtuous!

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for the peace He came for the peace He sacrificed HIMSELF but, we, the follower of HIM nowadays, forget HIS peaceful teachings and doings!