32. How Unlucky Is That!

When I run thru an endless storm
yet it takes a smile from you to clear the skies
How powerful is that

When no career success or amount of money offers joy
but a single word from you takes me to a world of happiness
How magical is that

When I search the universe,
and fail to find someone as beautiful and noble as you're
How unique is that

When my heart beats for you,
and is at a melting point knowing you may be gone soon
How heartbreaking is that

When I'm deeply in love with you,
but don't have an opportunity to show it
How tragic is that

When you've become my home
where I may never get to live in it
How homeless is that

When I dream to make you my queen
but am too late to present you the crown
How unlucky is that

by For Shak

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