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.32) Short Order Diner
(1948 / OVER 400 POEMS SERVED! !)

.32) Short Order Diner

Behind the counter, everything seems like a movie
as the gracious, smiling cashier takes my order.
The cooks are busy. I see only their backs.
Scraping and frying sounds rise from the grill,
mingling with the gurgle of voices and pop music.
Under a painted menu sign a whole wall long,
packages of hamburger buns and piles of plates
sit on shelves, waiting to be used.
All the ritualized activity back there
is only to serve me, out here in my booth.
Leisurely sipping my coffee, I feel secure.

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Comments (4)

Are we real? Well, if make-believe is comfort, go for it, you are a poet after all! Linda
Nice poem Max. In L2 'takes my Order' is formal and normal. Some other way of saying this would make this poem better. Thank you.
now that is a content person! good for you Max! ! HBH
Nice little piece, Max. Simple and lyrical. I enjoyed it.