(321) Forgiveness

Poem By Melvina Germain

Forgiveness, a heartfelt decision.
The clearing of one’s heart without remission.
A voice from deep within, contemplates,
removal of festered thoughts of sin.

Forgiveness, allowing positive energy to prevail.
Wiping out all negativity along the trail.
Forcing out emotions of darkness deep.
Keeping straight, a good nights sleep.

Written: Sept.02/06

Comments about (321) Forgiveness

Nice, an act almost divine.
((321) Forgiveness by Melvina Germain.) **Very enriching.
To forgive is divine To renounce asinine My 1st time reading your poetry. I like it so much that I'm going to read a lot more. Thanks for your words.
A difficult task but one that is necessity to ones own salvation, good words to live by if its been said forgive and live in peace. Harmonious message.
it felt good when i am reading your poems, please read my new poem oh my dadi(grandma) and suggest me also i need your suggestion

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