(321) Forgiveness

Forgiveness, a heartfelt decision.
The clearing of one’s heart without remission.
A voice from deep within, contemplates,
removal of festered thoughts of sin.

by Melvina Germain Click to read full poem

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((321) Forgiveness by Melvina Germain.) **Very enriching.
To forgive is divine To renounce asinine My 1st time reading your poetry. I like it so much that I'm going to read a lot more. Thanks for your words.
A difficult task but one that is necessity to ones own salvation, good words to live by if its been said forgive and live in peace. Harmonious message.
it felt good when i am reading your poems, please read my new poem oh my dadi(grandma) and suggest me also i need your suggestion
Excellent thoughts on forgiveness. Personally I believe in instant forgiveness, I don't like carrying grudges and wasting my energy for nothing. Forgiving give peace of mind and serenity to the heart and mind. Great poem! Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
very true and wonderful feelings, the poem is great
Have a wonderful text and peace of mind, just like my thoughts but beautifully presented.
removal of festered thoughts of sin. Forgiveness is what Jesus wants us to do and is taught in the holy Gospels. Seven times Seven you shall forgive. But yet how difficult is that to practice. thank you for this great idea of forgiveness. tony
A nice message in a lovely poem................10
One of the toughest things to do, yet the result gives more pleasure than one can imagine. Well written
A powerful perspective on such an important subject. Well done my friend!
It is very hard for one who has been hurt in a premeditated self-serving way to forgive. But forgiveness lifts heavy load of the chest. It is an attribute of the strong and not the weak. A love poem well articulated and penned with insight. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
The ability to let go of wrongs done to one can be one of the finest attributes of a person.
Forgiving others is not always easy but forgiving ourselves is damn nigh impossible
Thank you for the truthfullness in this poem Melvina..Somehow I missed this one. I wrote a poem called 'SORRY' and it made no impression at all, , , , there are some, mostly men, who can't say I forgive you for it would make them less of a man.They know women have raging hormones and off days and they will not let it go.David Harris says' do the people we forgive, forgive us also.'? Seems they'd have to do the forgiving first....People who live in glass houses should not throw stones and two men here have. Sorry had to vent. that being said, I am so happy I found this poem and have learned the hard way that forgiveness is not easily granted, but, dang it we better forgive ourselves....There are some who don't want to hear I'mSorry and can't say it when they have lied and lied. God bless your for this gem..marci.xo
Forgiveness is so hard sometimes. You can politely say the words, and people will, at times, accept that. They should look in your eyes! Eyes, the windows... True forgiveness cleans you with a new born baby's sweetness, freshness. This work, Melvina, says it all, and so much more. So glad you put it into these words! This should be posted somewhere in a person's house...just to remind. Great again! xxElysabeth
Melvina, I agree what you say about forgiveness. The problem is do the people we forgive, forgive us as well? Maybe not, just so long as we forgive them. Lovely poem. Thanks for sharing it. David
'Forgiveness, a heartfelt decision.'...this is perhaps the best way of framing it... i enjoy reading your work, Melvina... regards, Asma...
I like this Melvina. The clearing of one's heart does allow positive energy to prevail. Thank you for sharing. All the best, Diane
An enjoyable write; not surprisingly, it's similar to a poem of mine (with the same name) . Perhaps you would like it.