(1948 / OVER 400 POEMS SERVED! !)

.33) Photo: Miss Lindahl's 5th Grade Class, Flynn Park School,1959

Where are you, boys and girls
of Miss Lindahl's 5th grade class?

What became of you
when you slipped off
the far edge of my world?

Many of you
I never saw again,
or even thought of
until I saw this picture,

yet you occupy a place
that can't be filled
by anyone but you —

so much yourselves,
untrained as yet
in putting on a face.

Your faces are colors
long forgotten,
your names sound notes
of a long-lost scale:

Harvey Baer, Gail Rutherford,
Marion Phipps, Jonathon Katz,
Temmy Goldwasser, Randy Wahl —

your names are bells that angels ring,
tolling the music of the spheres.

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Comments (4)

really nice loved the read hit me just right
Max, you've brought that class picture to life, I think we can all relate... brilliantly written! ! Brian
Max I hear the bell tolls and automatically I enter to my nostalgic school. Many thanks indeed for sharing...............Oh! My friends where are they gone?
I've thought about long last gradeschool chums too. Very strong personalities and social situations that just dissipate with time. A poignant topic, Max. Last 2 lines are very strong.