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33: Years Out Of Exile
DC (04-25-81 / tulare california)

33: Years Out Of Exile

Poem By Derrick Clark

All my life, it felt like I was in a atonement for enternity.
Trap in this mental prison called the system.
As I am the prey, while they is the predator.
Running for dear life, to escape this mental carnage.
Wondering why I, have to experience so much failure and pain.
Coming with a solution, to starve out this beast.
Reaching within myself, to bring out this hidden warrior.
That ready to unleash his fury.
Knowing the key weapon is sacrifice and will.
Finally realize,33 years of my life.
My mind is my ammo, to overcome my darkest hour.

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Comments (6)

You are more than you think every one is unique and we cal all improve ourselves. I look forward to reading more of your work when I have time. ivor
This is a good one buddy. We hardly know who we are and what we are capable of doing until we 'unleash the soldier within' as per your poetic line. We are eternal. No matter what comes by, stand brave
That's the spirit dear, hang in there and keep up the good writing.
This is a tightly constructed verse. Seems to be a wellspring of inspiration with many yet unleashed tales behind this one. So exciting to find a brand new poet. Keep on writing, no matter what.
God bless you Derrick. You keep up with your writing.
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