SK (6 february 1993 / Earth... note: NOT mars!)


Sky is like a blue dome,
its like my second home.

It is blue and white,
but black at night.

Sky has many freinds- clouds, stars and the sun,
when i look up I see them having fun.

When I am sad, I cry and look up
the sky says to me ' my child, cheer up'.

Seems like the sky understands me
Its like swimming in the sea.

When i look up at the sky, i remember nothing, friend...the sky knows everthing.

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Hi Simi, freinds- clouds, must be friends- are you by chance an aboriginal. My hobby is cultural antropology and i have a datastudybase approachable for anyone interested http: // your wrioting is very basic and archaic are you a starter? Keep on writning and see you later. Leon