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37.2 Trillion Cells

Poem by Chan Mongol
August 10 of 2019

When I look at me, miserably
I see my lifelong difficulty.
The cloud float in the sky
But penetrating my eyes to cry!
Too heavy, so rain pours down
Causes flood in my own town.
Off and on such going on
I have in life only rainy season.
I tried so hard and I am tired
And my life is no longer required.
I am fatigued and in cold mood
Never won, never felt good.
Failed as the unfortunate
So, I gave up life on the terrible fate.
To be born was a mistake
But who was responsible to make?
I was always dumped and got smack
Born to suffer from toes to neck!
37.2 trillion cells are in pain
Wet and cold in the non-stop rain!
Enough suffered with torture, horror
Therefore, I can't take it anymore!
Why words like, lucky and unlucky came?
Why the lucky is protected with good name?
Is it the Karma or the birth as rich and lucky?
Or, is it the random selection like, lottery?
Time and tide don't wait for none
Don't be slow like me, in your turn.
Being a hustler, can be worthy but I couldn't be
Perhaps, hustlers in due time, can live happily.
When many are busy to dance and enjoy
Just few and me are here with pains to annoy.
My 37.2 trillion cells are in turmoil
Unfavorable of fire, air, water and soil

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Great poem, and great rhyme! You should have no complains with life after writing such a great poem!