(378) Turbulent Crippled Emotions (Part Three)

Grow and double it did,
Costing more than just a few quid.
A massive disheveled confusion,
certainly not a complex illusion.

by Melvina Germain Click to read full poem

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Very interesting series. Individual rights versus social laws are brought to attention so well. Top it with illness and individual isolation.....A little compassion and support for people lonely like Mary could go a long way. Thanks for sharing.
Hello my friend I have read all three in the series, to whch you have an epic going on here, , with depth and a definite style with a definite flare, , your words are amazing, along with the morals to whch you spread with this trio and I am sure there will be more in some way or the other, , , very very well written and a fabulous sequence too.Blessings.... Cecil
Here you are again tackling tough issues but in story format.......you always have so much to say....don't judge this book....she has something to say.....can't wait for the next one....I think every neighborhood has someone like this.....we have a house that the individual sculpt with items people throw away....then paints them bright colors.....most people think it is ugly and never have gotten to know the person behind it.....who is a wonderful warm person.....I guess they can't think outside the box: O)
I enjoyed this part more then all of them as it was even more clever and interesting then the others! ! Once again I loved the imagery and element of surprise in what was to be Marys new gate! ((Smile)) Hmmmmmmmmmm what comes next Melvina? ? ? I look forward to it! ! ! Excellent Job my friend....10/ten! ! ! *Shelley*
This new fence....I'm sitting on it until part 4. Soon please! Ez
Mel, its nice to see Old Mary up to her tricks again. We've waiting a while for part three, let hope we don't have to wait so long for part four. The character is beginning to sound a bit like me now. hehe. Great write as always my friend. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David
Trois grand Melvina! You are a great storyteller, I to like how you leave us wondering whether this will make everything better in the neighborhood and just how Mary is going to react to this new gate. Hugs, Diane
All three are good that I can't lie. You are an amazing writer. I love how the third one leaves you wondering if thats it or there will be to it. I love how you told a story in poetry. Great Job!
Why do I get the impression that 'Mary' still isn't quite right. 'Good fences make good neighbors.' Frost was so wise! Clear, good, storytelling poetry...one can hear hammers, crashing, and see 'Mary' peeking out the curtain. All I have to do is read the first two! ! This one has that certain ring of humor about it, between the lines. I'd say a 10! ! Indeed.xxElysabeth
And i thought us brits where mad..10
Very nice i also enjoyed the other two parts, Hope to see more soon Benjamin Green