It is wonderful
and delightful,
this long stick
with such a sweet flavor.

People who can't take it because of a diet
have their iron will crushed before its creamy sensation.

Some people like it cold and hard
but I personally like it warm and creamy.

The amazing sensation
so far unmatched,
when it melts as it touches my tongue.

Chocolate is wonderful,
it cheers me up.
This tasty stick of unmatched delight.

by Juan Felipe Diaz

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This is beautiful, Max. Susie.
now to get my son to read this great words here
Comic, but so true! ! Warm regards, Gina.
Dear Max, Reading your poetry has become a bit of a habit.One that's worth taking up.Great words again from you.Love Duncan
Because I am an ex-smoker, I KNOW that if the habit is ever left untended, away it goes, otherwise it wouldn't be a habit, would it? ? Scarlett
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