The Child's Protection

Little girl, little girl what did you see?
A thing of horror chasing after me
Little girl little girl were you not scared?
More than I thought I could possibly bear

He was a man about oh so high
I swear I came just to his thigh
I knew he was off, not quite right
I was chilled by him at first sight

He wore a hat that covered his gaze
And weaves lies like some kind of maze
The kind you can end up lost in for days
All things around him reeks and decays

He looks upon children with a sick grin
Like looking upon us is his kind of sin
The evil he had comes straight from within
My fear of him, I know not where to begin

He asked me for things and would not take 'No'
So I did strike him in that place down below
He gasped for some air as I ran through the snow
Now I must pray he did not try follow

Now I feel as if I am eternally stalked
Everyone I have told this to has balked
Even my parents by them I am mocked
Now the door to my room is forever locked

Little girl, little girl that's quite a tale
I'll be sure to tell it throughout the dale
Little girl, little girl I can hear you cry
The sound only little girls make as they die

Old man, old man I knew it was you
I knew our little game was not through
So open this door if you want your kind of fun
And see my justice through the barrel of this gun

by James Harris

Comments (7)

This is beautiful, Max. Susie.
now to get my son to read this great words here
Comic, but so true! ! Warm regards, Gina.
Dear Max, Reading your poetry has become a bit of a habit.One that's worth taking up.Great words again from you.Love Duncan
Because I am an ex-smoker, I KNOW that if the habit is ever left untended, away it goes, otherwise it wouldn't be a habit, would it? ? Scarlett
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