.39) The Greatest Poem

The greatest poem
is the one you're writing,

sparks flying from your pen
as from Vulcan's furnace,

hand and arm lubricated
and calibrated with a mind

that's up on a ladder
at its far end,
hopefully receiving notes
from an angel or two—

fresh bread,
Rumi called it,

a little piece of Soul,
'out there' and sculpted
to perfection...

or near perfection,
you see the next day
as you fix a flaw
that's appeared overnight,

and a few more
the day after that. Then

the Life-force flows
into a new creation,
this one has hardened
and is left to feed the birds,

and some day when you've
forgotten about it completely,
you'll come upon it again, feel awed,
and wonder, 'Who wrote that? '

by Max Reif

Comments (5)

Love this Max.... so true! Writing is a great journal to mirror the mind! You are right though, often you look and back and you're like...... what? ? Great poem! HG: -) xx
I echo the others' sentiments - all true of a wonderful poem and poet. : ] Esther
Max, brilliant write! Poems are like people, constantly striving to improve, but not always succeding. Brian
A delightful write! Patricia Gale
And who indeed Max? I am enjoying so much of your work I’m not sure about perfect but why not say 'Profound, Priceless or Passionate.. You are such a good poet in my eyes.Love Duncan