WSS ( / Iowa)


The sky and clouds in reverse
Looks like
Islands floating in the blue sea
Out for a drive
I realize
I am 39

Endlessly the road stretches out in front of me
Looks like
Thin dime store taffy with its white stripe down the middle
Its lifetime will be longer than mine
I understand
I am 39

The daylight fights the oncoming dusk
Looks like
A fluorescent pink marker alighted marks the day from night sky
A fantastic divide of the day’s hours
I recognize
I am 39

I drive on enveloped in shiny hard metal with stainless steel handles
Looks like
Without wheels and windows it would be as encasing as a coffin
Leather seats will someday be replaced with silky satin
I know
I am 39

I stop my journey when I reach my home
Looks like
A memory chest with doors and dormers full of my lifetime’s moments
Paradise exists in my finest recollections
I resign
I am 39

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Wanda, as we get older we have a different way of looking at things, you've certainly made that point clear. Drive safely to your memory chest and don't be in any hurry to replace those leather seats. Well done! ! Brian