3am This Morning

I'll never lie to its face, so I told with rose petals tongues
And now I feel like the bad man.

I am cryptic when it comes to Love.

The roles are reverse and another sad story,
I don't know what else to do but to show you that I'm sorry.

Another useless hour with myself and a cup of black water.

You pour it on me with your broken glass
And now your cuts are as deep as mine.

3am this morning waiting for the dead end,
I want to go back with times of jasmines and lotus

I'm trying to help you cough up the apple I accidently planted in ur seed
(never ment for this to happen)
But my techniques wont work and you continue to pour your broken glass,

I dont know what else to do but show you that I'm sorry.

3am this morning everything just fell apart,
Miss Little Cream Soda

by Angelica Ortiz

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